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Art-Making: A Companion in Solitude

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Hello, My name is Irene Naested. Welcome to my website. I will be posting and creating pages about my work and my passion of Art, Nature, and Meditation.

I approach my work, writing, music, and art making,as others might approach a more traditional method of meditation – The Zen (some might call it) of seeing, drawing, painting, writing, and music. I approach my teaching as a form of meditative art making, as a means toward a greater understanding of self and environment, and as a method of communication (to oneself and others).

I glean from nature the elements and principles of composition and as a pathway in toward becoming grounded.

Create Every Day - Create the Day

Create Every Day – Create the Day

Painting in Cabo San Lucas

Painting flowers in Cabo San Lucas, 2017



Create The Day – Create Every Day Art, Nature and Meditation

When I was a child I played as a child when I became a student I was encouraged to put away my childish ways and decipher meaning from the world through word and number when I became a teacher, I rediscovered the values of play and other ways to experience and learn.

  • Naested, I. (1993). Toward the Forgotten Thoughtfulness. in Shute Students of Thought. 

    nature, art & poetry

    Painting By Irene Naested in flower garden at Art in the Garden Show and Sale

    Painting By Irene Naested in flower garden at Passport to the Arts in the Garden Show and Sale

    A flower does not think of competition with the flowers next to it. It just blooms.