Art & Nature

All artists; visual artists, writers, story tellers, mythmakers, poets, musicians, dancers, song writers, throughout history have been inspired by the forms, shapes, patterns, colours, and beauty of the varied types of flora, plants, flowers, and trees found on earth. The formation of the various flora is believed to be depended on the four basic environmental elements of earth (soil type), air (wind patterns), water, (moisture from rain and snow), and fire (the sun). With these variable there appears to be an incredible order in the manner in which flora has developed. These can be interpreted through the lenses of geometry, science, visual arts, poetry, story telling, song, movement, storytellers, and mythmakers. Artists observe closely in order to understand, interpret and reinterpret, or communicate to others what they have seen, felt, and understood. Close observation leads to a much deeper appreciation of the observed object. “In order to really understand the natural world, one must integrate new observations with one’s previously understood concepts and assumptions. It is then that one can reinterpret, restate, and attempt to communicate this new understanding to other (visually, verbally, musically, kinesthetically, and mathematically).” (Jarvis & Naested, 2012, p. 57)

 blue flower

Sensuality of Flowers:

Flowers are not shy to display their sensuality through line, shape, pattern, texture and colour. The flower garden, organic splashes of colour, bold, beautiful and sensuous. Making a non-worded statement; “This is who I am. Come closer and you will comprehend. Come closer and smell my pungent sweetness or sour bitterness” (Naested). Many various artists painted flowers, among them are Klint and O’Keeffe who were captured by flowers essential power. In painting flowers the elements are observed, worshiped, and re-created.

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