The Fragments Reinterpreted

The Fragments, Reinterpred – Music and Visual Art

The Fragments Drummer

Great energy on the drums from Innes

Natasha on Keyboard

Natasha on Keyboard and great vocalist. She is always enthusiastic. A joy to listen to.

David Martin

David Martin is leader and song writer for the Fragments. He is also a recognized award winning Calgary Poet.

Opening Celebration

The opening of the Celebration, “The Fragments Reinterpreted: Art and Music”  Here is artist and poet Cassandra Arnold with award winning poets, Weyman Chan and David Martin. 

Corinne Keough

Artist and co-organizer for the celebration at the Loft 112, Corinne Keough, taking a short break.

Enjoying the Show

The patrons enjoying the show. In the foreground are Cassandra Arnold and Sharon Fortowsky.

Blues Step

Blues step, scoring a path dissolve footprints. This is a mixed media painting by Irene Naested reinterpreted from the lyrics of “Winter Wasp” C.D.

Art making discussion

Talking about the artistic process…..

Enjoying the Art

Art inspired discussion happening here….

Fish Circling

“Fish Circling”, a mixed media painting by Irene Naested. A reinterpretation of the lyrics of a song on “Winter Wasp” C.D. by the Fragments….

Loft 112

At this event at Loft 112 artists and patrons talk about art, music and poetry

Art on the Wall

Art on the wall at the Loft 112, Ten artists displayed their works…

The Fragments

The Fragments playing at the Loft 112. Before they played each song  from their new C.D. “Winter Wasp” the visual artists spoke a few words on their art and their artistic process.

Great Event!

Jim is a great patron of the arts. Thank you for your support!

Tammy Watt's Painting

This is one of the paintings that Tammy Watt created from the lyrics on “Winter Wasp”

Winter Wasp Painting

Irene Naested created this mixed media painting called “Winter Wasp” reinterpreted from the C.D.

Connie Ptasinski's Art

Here is one of Connie’s art piece, a reinterpretation of lyrics from “Winter Wasp”