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Painting in Cabo San Lucas

Painting in Cabo San Lucas

My journey into the arts, understanding of nature and meditation is central to my being – as a visual artists, writer, poet, and teacher. I approach my work, writing, music, and art making, as others might approach a more traditional method of meditation – Being in the moment of seeing, drawing, painting, and writing. I approach my fine arts practice and my teaching as a form of meditative art making, as a means toward an understanding and a method of communication to self and others. I glean from nature the elements and principles of composition and as a pathway in becoming grounded.

Dr. Irene Naested is Professor Emerita from Mount Royal University. She is a visual artist, and published author, and daily practices some form of meditation, primarily through art, writing and movement.

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Dr. Irene Naested receives National Art Teaching Award

Dr. Irene Naested Educator Award

Dr. Irene Naested receives Professor Emerita, Mount Royal University

MRU Professor Emerita 2015